DinoPaint: Dinosaur Coloring Book

Painting goes Prehistoric

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How do I purchase a Gift Voucher?

gift voucher

You can purchase a gift voucher for DinoPaint (or other Kea Software products).

Gifts cost the same as the regular price of the product, and you can use any current promotion codes too.

You enter your name and the name and email address of the lucky person who is receiving the gift. You can also enter a personal message, select a gift-card, and choose a future date and time for the gift to be sent.

To purchase a gift voucher, go to the Gift Voucher Purchase page, or for more details please read the article on Purchasing Gift Vouchers.

How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?

You will receive your gift voucher by email. The email includes instructions along with a special voucher code which you use to register your product.

For more details please read the article on Redeeming Gift Vouchers.